Cheng Yu Tung College successfully held the third High Table Dinner of this academic year in the evening of January 18, 2017. The distinguished guest speaker of the High Table Dinner was Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences of University of Macao, Professor Hao Yu-Fan. Other High Table guests included College Master of Cheng Yu Tung College, Professor Chung Ling; College Master and his spouse of Chao Kuang Piu College, Prof. Liu Chuan Sheng and Mrs. Liu Hong Jing-Yi; College Master and his spouse of Choi Kai Yau College, Prof. David Pong and Mrs. Barbara Pong; Professor of Faculty of Education, Prof. Jin Shuh‐Ren; Professor of Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Prof. Zhang Meifang. We also had 19 low table guests, including 7 foreign exchange students of the semester; Princeton in Asia Intern Fellow, Ms. Corinne Wallace and 10 short-term exchange students led by Mr. Chan Liwei from Cheng Chi University, Taiwan.

Prof. Hao gave a speech on “Donald Trump and Sino-American Relationship”. As a political science expert, he projected the relationship of China and USA won’t be better but be more complicated when Donald Trump becomes President of United States. Trump is not a politician so that’s why he could be somehow unpredictable than other presidents. However, if he runs USA in a business mindset, that would also put himself and his country in danger. Prof. Hao pointed out that China should not be afraid. China is stronger and more powerful than before and no need to worry that much if China prepares itself more, no matter in economy or in military power. Around 250 college members of Cheng Yu Tung College attended the High Table Dinner and certainly enjoyed the speech and dinner.

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