Cheng Yu Tung College (CYTC) held a visually and audibly exuberant activity “Night of Poetry: Recital and Folk Song”.

For the poetry recital part, four renowned poets were invited to recite their poems, including Macanese poets Ling Ku and Un Sio San as well as the Hong Kong poets Wu Yin Ching and Wong Leung Wo. There were also six CYTC students recited the poems of the four poets, who are Zheng Botong, Zhao Youjia, Wei Yiwei, Li Shunyu, Miao Sanfeng and Hao Kuan Ngok. The students prepared background music and projected graphics along with the poetry recital, enhancing the audience with multiple pleasant sensations. The four renowned poets also praised the performance of the students.

For the folk song part, the compositions of a poet and a lyricist/composer were performed. One of them was the “Four Rhyme of Nostalgia” by the China’s foremost poet Yu Guangzhong, sung by Yin Shi, the champion of CYTC “Daya Voice” in 2016/2017. Other folk songs were performed by Wu Xuming, who is a folk singer and won the popularity prize in the “Daya Voice”. The songs Wu performed were Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan’s “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” and “Blowing in the Wind”. The event was finished with the performance of three Chinese classic poems chanted by Prof. Tang Keng Pan of the Chinese Department.

CYTC has been organizing poetry recital since 2013. It was the fifth time on 22 March, 2017. As before, the four famous poets were invited, while the folk song performance was added this time. There were over fifty participants in the event, who were all intoxicated in the beauty of poems, songs, images as well as the music.


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