CYTC Food Service Commission


The Regulations of CYTC Food Service Commission was approved by the Student Affairs Committee on Sep. 3 and the commission members include of Associate Master, a Resident Fellow, a RT/RA, a House Association Member and a Floor Representative. Three student representatives should be selected among their assigned organizations. The commission was officially established on Sep. 5.  The members of current Food Service Commission are  Associate Master Dr. Lee, Resident Fellow, Dr. Yu Ming Tang, Resident Assistant, Yogurt, HA member, Kay and Floor Representative, Manna.

Please feel free to let us know your opinions and suggestions about the food service via email ( Do collaborate with us to make our living better TOGETHER.

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Hello! I am Manna and major in economics. I am a representative in food service committee. In this year, you can tell me all your opinions about meals. I will try my best to work for you.




Hello, everyone! I am Yogurt who is very honored to become a RT representative of food service commission. I’m glad to hear everyone feedback opinion and constructive ideas about meals. I will also try my best to fight for our dining rights. Please contact us immediately if you have questions about dining.




Hi, everyone. I am Kay. I major in PPE. I join food service commission, because I like eating. Welcome to find me if you have any problems about the food service in CYTC.

Count on us. We can do it!

Thank you for your support.